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Current Members

The DL Steering Committee is responsible for carrying out policy determined at the DL business meetings and otherwise assisting the organizers of the DL workshops. Its current members are

Alessandro Artale University of Bozen-Bolzano elected 2021-2024
Stefan Borgwardt TU Dresden elected 2017-2020, DL2020 chair, selected 2020-2023
Victor Gutierrez Basulto Cardiff University elected 2021-2024
Martin Homola University of Bratislava elected 2016-2019, DL2022 PC Chair, selected 2022-2025
Jean Christoph Jung TU Dortmund elected 2020-2023
Patrick Koopmann TU Dresden elected 2022-2025
Renate Schmidt University of Manchester DL2021 PC Chair, selected 2021-24

The steering committee chooses PC chairs for the DL workshops.
PC chairs and local organisers of upcoming DL workshops are ex-officio members of the DL steering committee.
For the upcoming workshop, these are

Carsten Lutz University of Leipzig (formerly University of Bremen) elected 2003-2006, elected 2006-2009, General Chair
Ana Ozaki University of Bergen PC Chair
Oliver Kutz Free University of Bozen-Bolzano PC Chair
Pavlos Peppas University of Patras Local Chair

The DL community has a representative on the KR Advisory Board. The representative for 2020 to 2023 is Stefan Borgwardt.

Steering Committee Mailing List

There exists a moderated mailing-list for the discussions by the steering committee. Requests and comments to the committee should be sent to this list, whose address is:
Mail sent to the above address will be distributed to all members of the steering committee.

Former Members and Membership Policy

Former members of the DL Steering Committee are:

Anni-Yasmin Turhan TU Dresden elected 2014-2017
Bernardo Cuenca Grau University of Oxford DL2009 organizer, selected 2009-2012, elected 2015-2018
Bijan Parsia University of Manchester elected 2004-2007; DL2006 organiser, selected 2006-2009
Birte Glimm University of Ulm replaced Boris Motik, who was elected 2008-2011, DL2013 Chair, selected 2013-2016, DL2017 PC Chair, selected 2017-2020
Boris Konev University of Liverpool elected 2012-2015, elected 2018-2021
Boris Motik University of Oxford elected 2008-2011, stepped down 2009 in favour of Birte Glimm
David Toman University of Waterloo elected 2004-2007
Deborah L. McGuinness Stanford University 2001-2003
Diego Calvanese Free University Bozen-Bolzano DL2003 organiser, selected 2003-2006, DL2015 PC chair, selected 2015-2018
Enrico Franconi Free University Bozen-Bolzano DL2007 organizer, selected 2007-2010
Frank Wolter University of Liverpool DL2005 organiser, selected 2005-2008
Franz Baader TU Dresden 2000-2002, DL2008 organizer selected 2008-2011
Giorgos Stoilos National Technical University of Athens elected 2012-2015
Giuseppe De Giacomo Università di Roma "La Sapienza" elected 2006-2009
Grant Weddell University of Waterloo DL2010 organizer, selected 2010-2013
Ian Horrocks University of Manchester DL2002 organiser, selected 2002-2005
Jeff Z. Pan University of Aberdeen elected 2015-2018
Magdalena Ortiz TU Wien elected 2010-2013
Mantas Simkus TU Wien DL2014 General Chair, selected 2014-2017; DL2019 PC Chair, selected 2019-2022
Marie-Laure Mugnier University of Montpellier DL2022 PC Chair
Maurizio Lenzerini Università di Roma "La Sapienza" 2000-2002
Meghyn Bienvenu Universite Paris Sud elected 2009-2012
Ofer Arieli Academic College of Tel-Aviv DL2022 Local Chair
Peter Patel-Schneider Bell Labs, Murray Hill 2000-2006, elected 2008-2011
Rafael Penaloza Nyssen Free University Bozen-Bolzano DL2016 PC Chair, selected 2016-2019
Ralf Möller TU Hamburg-Harburg DL2004 organiser, elected 2007-2010
Riccardo Rosati Università di Roma "La Sapienza" DL2011 organizer, selected 2011-2014
Roman Kontchakov Birkbeck College, London elected 2009-2012
Sebastian Rudolph TU Dresden elected 2011-2014
Sergio Tessaris Università di Bolzano DL2002 organiser, selected 2002-2005
Thomas Schneider University of Bremen DL2018 PC Chair, selected 2018-2021
Tommie Meyer CSIR Meraka Institute elected 2013-2016
Ulrike Sattler University of Manchester 2000-2003, elected 2005-2008
Volker Haarslev Concordia University, Montreal DL2004 organiser, selected 2004-2007
Yevgeny Kazakov University of Ulm DL2012 PC Chair, selected 2012-2015

The steering committee is currently formed according to the following policy:

  1. At the workshop, the PC chairs select one PC chair to carry on for three years (to give continuity).
  2. At the workshop, one person is elected to a three-year term.
  3. At the workshop, the attendees may decide to add an extra member to the committee for a three-year term.
  4. The local organizers and PC chairs of the upcoming DL workshop are ex-officio members of the committee, added as they are determined.

The KR Advisory Board representative is currently selected as the continuing DL workshop organizer for even-numbered years.