[DL] Workshops on AAL, AmI and Reliability of Intelligent Environments

Augusto, Juan Carlos JC.Augusto at ulster.ac.uk
Thu Feb 23 17:21:45 CET 2012

[apologies if you receive multiple copies of these calls]

Given your professional background we thought you may be interested on
these workshops which will be co-located:


4th Int. Workshop on Intelligent Environments Supporting Healthcare and
Contact: Juan Carlos Augusto
JC.Augusto at ulster.ac.uk

7th Int. Workshop on AI Techniques for Ambient Intelligence 
(focus on Context and Situation understanding)
Contact: Asier Aztiria
aaztiria at mondragon.edu


2nd Int. Workshop on Reliability of Intelligent Environments

Contact: Miguel Hornos
mhornos at ugr.es


Dr. Juan Carlos Augusto
School of Computing and Mathematics
University of Ulster - UK

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