[DL] Empirically Successful Computerized Reasoning

Renate Schmidt schmidt at cs.man.ac.uk
Tue Oct 17 16:29:10 CEST 2006


		    Journal of Applied Logic

			Special Issue on 
      Empirically Successful Computerized Reasoning (ESCoR)

		    Deadline: 4 December 2006

  The special issue is devoted to all aspects of the
  implementation and deployment of working computerized reasoning
  systems.  Reasoning in all forms (automated, interactive, etc)
  and all logics (classical, non-classical, all orders, etc) is
  of interest to the special issue.  We welcome especially
  contributions on the following topics:

    o Implementation techniques and comparisons
    o Data structures and algorithms for the efficient
      representation of terms, formulae, search states, etc.,
      e.g. new indexing techniques, efficient implementation of
      simplification orderings, etc.
    o Higher level data structures and formats for the
      representation of proof tasks and derivations, proof and
      lemma storage, etc.  
    o Implemented and evaluated heuristics
    o Implemented and evaluated user interfaces 

    o Descriptions of computerized reasoning solutions in
      application domains
    o Experiences with practical applications
    o Encoding of domain problems into logic, and decoding of
      logic solutions into the domain
    o Special reasoning techniques for applications
    o User interfaces
    o System integration 

  Papers on related subjects will also be considered.

  Submissions should discuss aspects of "really working" systems
  and applications, and should not focus on theoretical ideas
  that have not yet been translated into working software.

  The Journal of Applied Logic is an international journal
  published by Elsevier.  The journal welcomes papers in the
  areas of logic which can be applied in other disciplines as
  well as application papers in those disciplines, the unifying
  theme being logics arising from modelling the human agent.

  We expect full, high-quality papers of original, previously
  unpublished research, which are written in English, and are not
  simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere.  Papers
  previously presented in conference proceedings of limited
  circulation may be judged eligible for publication in revised
  form.  Please add a comment about such prior presentation in the
  abstract field at the time the manuscript is submitted via the
  on-line submission system.

  The normal reviewing process for journals will be used and
  papers should conform to the usual high standard of
  international journals.  Submissions should be formatted
  according to JAL's author guidelines, and preferably be written
  in LaTeX.  To be considered, submissions must be received no
  later than December 4, 2006.

  Submission is via the EasyChair on-line submission system at

  o December 4, 2006   Submission deadline
  o February 12, 2007  Acceptance notification
  o March 12, 2007     camera-ready papers due

  Please feel free to send any questions to
  schmidt at cs.man.ac.uk

  Up-to-date information will be available from the special issue

  o Renate Schmidt, University of Manchester, UK
  o Geoff Sutcliffe, University of Miami, USA
  o Stephan Schulz, TU Muenchen, Germany

  o ESCoR Special issue: 
  o Journal of Applied Logic: 
  o ESCoR Workshop: 

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