[DL] Mostly Used Descriptions

Ronald Cornet ronald at cornet.nl
Mon May 15 10:55:33 CEST 2006

Hi Seyed,

some years ago I did a limited analysis on this issue in the domain of 

Cornet R, Abu-Hanna A
Usability of Expressive Description Logics - A Case Study in UMLS
In: Isaac S. Kohane, MD, PhD, editor. Proceedings of the 2002 AMIA Annual 
Symposium, San Antonio (2002): 180-4.

Kind regards, Ronald

At 18:28 08-05-06 +0430, Seyed H. HAERI (Hossein) wrote:
>Dear all,
>Firstly, sorry for cross-posting. Secondly, sorry if the topic is not so
>clear; I couldn't make it any clearer.
>And, the matter itself is that I am working on an application in which I
>need to know which of the followings are mostly used:
>A ranking with a percentage would be ideal. Any body aware of any survey
>on that? What about personal experiences? (BTW, what are they called?)
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