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Horizons of Truth


Logics, Foundations of Mathematics, and the Quest for Understanding the 
Nature of Knowledge


Gödel Centenary 2006

            An International Symposium Celebrating the 100th

Birthday of Kurt Gödel

27.-29. April 2006 Festsaal of the University of Vienna


Organized by the Kurt Gödel Society


The Symposium will take place April 27- 29 in the Celebration Hall of 
the University of Vienna, famous for its architectural beauty and Gustav 
Klimt's murals. More than 20 lectures by eminent scientists in the 
fields of logics, mathematics, philosophy, physics, cosmology, and 
theology will provide new insights into the life and work of Kurt Gödel 
and their implications for future generations.

A young researchers' competition will allow 10 young researchers to 
present their projects to an eminent audience, the awards being 
presented at Belvedere Palace on Friday, April 28, Kurt Gödel's 100th 
birthday. The first prize in the amount 20 000 EUR will be awarded to 
the best project, followed by two additional prizes of 5000 EUR each.

Call for project submissions: 

A poster session, containing presentations of selected posters will be 
held in the Small Celebration Hall, and the Senate Hall of the 
University of Vienna. The poster volume will be published by the Kurt 
Gödel Society after the Symposium and sent to all authors.

Call for posters: www.logic.at/goedel2006/index.php?posters

An exhibition on Gödel's life and work will be held in the old library 
of the University of Vienna throughout the Symposium.


Honorary Chair: Gaisi Takeuti, University of Tsukuba, President of the 
Kurt Gödel Society

Invited Speakers:

John D. Barrow, University of Cambridge

Gregory J. Chaitin, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, New York

Paul Cohen, Stanford University

Jack Copeland, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

George Ellis, University of Cape Town

Solomon Feferman, Stanford University

Harvey Friedman, Ohio State University

Ivor Grattan-Guinness, Middlesex University

Petr Hajek, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Juliette Kennedy, University of Helsinki

Ulrich Kohlenbach, Darmstadt University of Technology

Georg Kreisel, Royal Society

Angus John Macintyre, Royal Society

Piergiorgio Odifreddi, University of Turin

Christos H. Papdimitiriou, University of California, Berkeley

Roger Penrose, University of Oxford

Hilary Putnam, Harvard University

Wolfgang Rindler, University of Texas, Dallas

Dana Scott, Carnegie Mellon University

Avi Wigderson, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

Hugh Woodin, University of California, Berkeley

Invited Presentation: Andrei Voronkov, University of Manchester and 


Web and registration: http://www.logic.at/goedel2006/


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