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                        ECAI 2006

   17th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence

                    RIVA DEL GARDA, Italy

              August 28th - September 1st 2006


Please remember the following important dates

1) Deadline for ECAI and PAIS paper submission: 
    8 Feb 2006 (summaries)
   10 Feb 2006 (full paper)

2) Deadline for poster submission: 
   10 March 2006

3) Deadline for STarting AI Researcher Symposium (STAIRS)
paper submission: 
   15 April 2006

4) Deadline for System Demonstration proposal: 
   20 April 2006

For more information, please visit the conference website:



The ECAI 2006 Programme Committee invites submission of
papers and posters for the Technical Programme of the 
17th biennial European Conference on Artificial

Important dates (preliminary, check for updates at
8 Feb 2006      Deadline for paper summaries
10 Feb 2006     Deadline for paper submission
10 March 2006   Deadline for poster submission
10 April 2006   Notification of acceptance for papers and
10 May 2006     Camera-ready copies of papers
28 Aug 2006     Technical programme at ECAI 2006

Submissions are invited on substantial, original and
previously unpublished research in all fields of 
Artificial Intelligence, including, but not limited to:


Case Representation
CBR Applications
Analogical Reasoning


AI and Creativity
Artificial Life
Emotions and Motivation
Human-Computer Interaction
Human Experimentation
Instruction and Teaching
Neural Network Architectures
Perception and Performance
Philosophical Foundations
Skill Acquisition and Learning
Symbolic Architectures


Constraint Logic Programming
Constraint Optimization
Constraint Programming
Constraint Propagation
Constraint Satisfaction
Distributed Constraint Solving
Global Constraints
Soft Constraints
User Interaction


Agent Communication Languages
Cooperation and Coordination
Game Theoretic Foundations
Information Agents
Market-Oriented Programming
Multi-Agent Systems
Protocols and Dialogues
Web Intelligence


Automated Reasoning
Belief Revision
Cognitive Robotics
Common-Sense Reasoning
Decision Making
Description Logics
Logic Programming
Modal Logics
Non-classical logics
Nonmonotonic Reasoning
Probabilistic Reasoning
Reasoning about Action
Resource-Bounded Reasoning
Semantic Web
Spatial Reasoning
Temporal Reasoning
Theorem Proving
Verification and Validation


Adaptive Systems
Bayesian Learning
Data Mining
Decision Ttree and Rule Learning
Dimension Reduction
Ensemble Methods
Evolutionary Computing
Information Extraction
Knowledge Discovery
Machine Learning Applications
Neural Networks
Reinforcement Learning
Text Mining
Unsupervised Learning


AI Architectures
Computer-Aided Learning
Design and Configuration
Human Computer Interaction
Intelligent User Interfaces
Intelligent Databases
Knowledge Engineering
Qualitative Reasoning
Real-Time Systems
User Modelling


Automatic Summarization
Computational Linguistics
Dialogue and Discourse Systems
Machine Translation
Natural Language Generation
Natural Language Interfaces
Speech Recognition


Active and Robot Vision
Face and Gesture
Image Processing
Model-Based Vision
Motion, Flow and Tracking
Object Recognition
Segmentation and Feature Extraction
Statistical Models and Visual Learning
Stereo, Calibration, and Geometry
Texture, Shape and Colour


Classical Planning
Planning with Incomplete Information
Planning with Uncertainty
Temporal Planning and Scheduling


Autonomous Systems
Estimation and Learning for Robotic Systems
Human-Robot Interaction
Motion Planning
Multi-Robot Systems
Robot Architectures
Robot Navigation
Robot Programming Environments and Languages
Search and Rescue Robots
Sensory Planning
Service Robots
Task Planning
Viewpoints and Modality Selection

Formatting guidelines

Papers should be submitted using the final camera-ready
formatting style, except for author names which should 
be omitted and replaced by the tracking number for
anonymous reviewing. Submissions must not exceed five pages
in camera-ready format. Overlength submissions will be 
rejected without review. Guidelines on the format of 
submissions are available on the ECAI 2006 Style Guide page.
Latex style files to support formatting of submissions are
also available. Final versions of accepted papers will be 
required to conform strictly to the formatting requirements 
specified in the ECAI 2006 Style Guide. Each accepted
paper will be allocated five pages in the proceedings.

ECAI 2006 also accepts posters. Each poster will have two
pages allocated in the proceedings. Posters must follow 
the same formatting guidelines as full papers, but paper 
length is limited to two pages. The front page must indicate 
'POSTER' as the type of submission. Submitted full papers can
be accepted as posters if the PC decides so. It will be 
possible for the author(s) to indicate whether they want
their submission considered as poster in case of 
non-acceptance as full paper.

Submission procedure

Paper submissions to ECAI'06 and PAIS'06 will be handled
using the ConfMaster system.
Submission is a two-stage process. In a first step (deadline
Feb. 8th) authors are required to register with ConfMaster. 
During registration the authors are asked to specify the 
paper type (ECAI, PAIS), keywords, and whether they are 
interested in acceptance as a poster in case of rejection 
as full paper. Authors are also required to submit an abstract 
of their paper.
The system will then assign a paper ID to each submission
which is sent to the contact author. Before uploading the 
paper (deadline Feb. 10th), the author information has to 
be replaced in the submitted version by the paper ID to 
facilitate anonymous reviewing.

We will only accept files in pdf-format. Note also that
contrary to earlier years we only accept electronic 
submissions through ConfMaster.
ConfMaster will be available for registration and submission
from January 23rd, 2006 at http://ecai2006.itc.it.


Poster submissions (deadline March 10th) should be sent
directly to the email-address 
ECAI06posters at informatik.uni-leipzig.de (2 pages in  the 
regular paper format, pdf only). Contrary to papers,
poster submissions are not anonymous. Authors are free to 
add links to background material if they wish to do so.

Together with your poster submission please provide the
following information (plain text in the email): title, 
abstract, authors, name and email address of contact author, 

If you have submitted a full paper with the option accept as
poster if rejected, then you do NOT need to also submit a 
poster. The decision about acceptance as poster will be made 
on the basis of your paper submission in this case.

STAIRS-06 submission information will be available soon at 


By submitting papers or posters to ECAI-06 and papers to
PAIS-06, the authors agree that in case of acceptance at 
least one author registers to the conference and presents 
the paper, respectively poster.

Multiple Submission Policy

ECAI 2006 will not accept submissions under review or
accepted for publication in a journal or another conference. 
Authors are not allowed to submit their papers elsewhere 
during the review period. These restrictions only apply to
journals and conferences and not to workshops or similar
specialised meetings with limited audience. ECAI 2006 also 
grants permission to submit papers during the reviewing
period to national AI conferences organized by ECCAI member

The title page should include the statement "This paper is
not under review or accepted for publication in another 
conference or journal".

Reviewing and feedback


All submissions will be subject to academic peer review by
the ECAI 2006 Programme Committee. Reviewing for ECAI 2006 
will anonymous. To allow for anonymous reviewing replace 
the authors line in your submission by the unique tracking 
number assigned after the submission of the summary form. 
Please avoid identifying self-references. Replace phrases 
like "We have shown in [n]" by "In [n] it has been shown ...".

Review criteria include: Relevance to AI (is the submitted
paper appropriate for ECAI?), Originality (does the work 
contain new ideas?), Significance (will the presented 
results have any impact on the field?), Technical Soundness 
(is the paper technically clean?), Presentation (is the 
paper readable and well-organized?), Scholarship (is 
relevant literature cited, is the scientific context
discussed appropriately?).

Notification of acceptance or rejection of submitted papers
will be mailed to the corresponding author by 10 April 2006.


The primary authors of ECAI-06 submissions will get a chance
to see the reviews for their papers and give short comments 
before the final decision is made. The author feedback phase 
will last 2 days and will take place March 30 and 31, 2006.

Conference Proceedings

The conference proceedings will be published and distributed 
by IOS Press on paper and as a CD-ROM. The authors will be 
responsible for producing camera-ready copies of papers, 
conforming to the ECAI 2006 formatting guidelines, for 
inclusion in the proceedings. The deadline for receipt of the 
camera-ready copy is 10 May 2006. Note that at least one 
author of each accepted paper/poster is required to attend 
the conference to present the paper.


The best paper of the conference, as selected by the ECAI 2006 
Programme Committee, will receive a prize sponsored by 
Elsevier Science. The authors of the 10 best papers will be 
invited to submit a revised version of their paper to a special 
fast-review track of the Artificial Intelligence Journal.

PC members

Amir Eyal
Andre Elisabeth
Ardissono Liliana
Arkin Ron
Avesani Paolo
Aylett Ruth
Baral Chitta
Bartak Roman
Bauer Mathias
Baumgartner Peter
Beetz Michael
Bench-Capon Trevor
Ben-Eliyahu-Zohary Rachel
Benferhat Salem
Bennett Brandon
Berthold Michael
Bistarelli Stefano
Blockeel Hendrik
Bolshakova Nadia
Bonet Blai
Bordini Rafael
Borrajo Daniel
Bostroem Henrik
Brazdil Pavel
Bridge Derek
Buccafurri Francesco
Cadoli Marco
Calvanese Diego
Canu Stephane
Carroll John
Castillo Luis
Cazenave Tristan
Cerquides Jesus
Cesta Amedeo
Cetnarowicz Krzysztof
Cimatti Alessandro
Clark Stephen
Cordier Marie-Odile
Cornuéjols Antoine
Cox Anna
Crucianu Michel
Damasio Carlos
De Raedt Luc
De Roeck Anne
De Vos Marina
Declerck Thierry
Delgrande Jim
Denecker Marc
Dignum Frank
Dimopoulos Yannisy Dix Juergen
Dolgov Dmitri
Domshlak Carmel
Drogoul Alexis
Dunne Paul E.
Edelkamp Stefan
Eklundh J. O.
El Fallah Seghrouchni Amal
Elooma Tapio
Endriss Ulle
Erdem Esra
Estival Dominique
Faber Wolfgang
Falcone Rino
Feelders Ad
Felsberg M.
Fink Michael
Focacci Filippo
Foo Norman
Förstner W.
Fox Maria
Freksa Christian
Frisch Alan
Furbach Uli
Gabaldon Alfredo
Gama Joao
Gelfond Michael
Gentile Claudio
Giordano Laura
Gore Rajeev
Granvilliers Laurent
Greco Gianluigi
Grieser Gunter
Haindl Michal
Hansen Eric
Haslum Patrik
Helmert Malte
Henocque Laurent
Hernandez-Orallo Jose
Hertzberg Joachim
Herzig Andreas
Hickey Ray
Hnich Brahim
Hobbs Jerry
Hoffmann Joerg
Hogg D.
Hotho Andreas
Howes Andrew
Huellermeier Eyke
Hunter Anthony
Ianni Giovambattista
Ingrand Felix
Jamroga Wojtek
Janhunen Tomi
Jennings Nicholas R.
Jonsson Peter
Junker Ulrich
Jussien Narendra
Kakas Antonis
Kern-Isberner Gabriele
Kersting Kristian
Kisiel-Dorohinicki Marek
Kiziltan Zeynep
Klette R.
Koehler Jana
Koenig Sven
Kohlhase Michael
Kok Joost
Kosecka J.
Koubarakis Manolis
Kramer Stefan
Laborie Philippe
Lachiche Nicolas
Lakemeyer Gerhard
Lapata Mirella
Larrañaga Pedro
Larrosa Bondia Javier
Laugier Christian
Laumond Jean-Paul
Le Berre Daniel
Lecoutre Christophe
Leite João
Levine John
Liberatore Paolo
Lomuscio Alessio
Long Derek
Lukasiewicz Thomas
Lutz Carsten
Madden Michael
Malerba Donato
Markovitch Shaul
Marques-Silva Joao
Marquis Pierre
Matwin Stan
Maver J.
McCluskey Lee
Meisels Amnon
Mellish Chris
Meseguer Pedro
Meuleau Nicolas
Meyer John-Jules
Miguel Ian
Milano Michela
Möller Ralf
Moral Serafin
Morik Katharina
Morisset Benoit
Neveu Bertrand
Nielsen Thomas
Nuijten Wim
Onaindia Eva
O'Sullivan Barry
Palopoli Luigi
Patterson David
Pearce David
Pechoucek Michal
Peebles David
Penczek Wojciech
Perron Laurent
Petit Thierry
Pfahringer Bernhard
Pfeifer Gerald
Pianesi Fabio
Pitt Jeremy
Piwek Paul
Prakken Henry
Prestwich Steve
Prosser Patrick
Provan Gregory
Refanidis Ioannis
Renz Jochen
Riedmiller Martin
Rintanen Jussi
Rosati Riccardo
Rosenschein Jeff
Rueher Michel
Ruml Wheeler
Sabbadin Regis
Saffiotti Alessandro
Sagerer Gerhard
Saitta Lorenza
Sakama Chiaki
Sattler Ulrike
Scarcello Francesco
Schaub Torsten
Scheffer Tobias
Schiex Thomas
Schoppek Wolfgang
Sebban Marc
Selman Bart
Shani Guy
Sierra Carles
Simon Laurent
Slaney John
Son Tran Cao
Staab Steffen
Stergiou Konstantinos
Stocco Andrea
Straccia Umberto
Struss Peter
Studeny Milan
Stumptner Markus
Suzuki Einoshin
Svoboda T.
Sziranyi Tamas
Tacchella Armando
Theseider Duprè Daniele
Thiebaux Sylvie
Tinelli Cesare
Tompits Hans
Torroni Paolo
Traverso Paolo
Trucco E.
Truszczynski Mirek
Tsymbal Alexey
Turner Hudson
Urbas Leon
Vallduvi Enric
van Beek Peter
van der Hoek Wiebe
van Eijk Rogier
van Noord Gertjan
van Rijn Hedderik
van Someren Maarten
Venable Kristen Brent
Verbrugge Rineke
Verdejo Felisa
Verfaillie Gérard
Vermeir Dirk
Vidal Jose M
Vidal Vincent
Wallace Richard
Wallach Dieter
Walsh Toby
Wang Kewen
Widmer Gerhard
Williams Mary-Anne
Wilson Nic
Wolter Frank
Woltran Stefan
Wotawa Franz
Wrobel Stefan
Yadgar Osher
You Jia-Huai

Chairperson Address

Gerhard Brewka
Intelligent Systems Department
Computer Science Institute
University of Leipzig
Augustusplatz 10-11
04109 Leipzig , Germany
Tel: ++49 341 9 73 22 35
Fax: ++49 341 9 73 22 99
brewka at informatik.uni-leipzig.de

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