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Call for Papers: 

	     Special Issue on Answer Set Programming (ASP)
	  in Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence

* Special Issue Editors: 
	Gerhard Brewka (University of Leipzig, Germany)
	Juergen Dix (Clausthal University of Technology, Germany)

* About the Special Issue:
Answer set programming (ASP) is a promising declarative programming
paradigm which has proven to be successful in a variety of areas such as
planning, diagnosis, configuration and space shuttle control. It emerged
from deductive databases as wellas from non-monotonic reasoning.

Answer sets are sets of literals representing intended models of
generalized logic programs with two types of negation. They were
introduced by Gelfond and Lifschitz and generalize stable models to more
expressive logic programs.

The basic idea underlying ASP is to represent a problem in a way such
that answer sets correspond to solutions of the problem.

A Working Group on ASP funded by the EC (http://wasp.unime.it/)
coordinates and represents most of the work on ASP done in Europe.

We invite papers describing original research advancing the state of the
art in ASP. Contributions may range from theoretical foundations (e.g.
language extensions, first order programs) to implementation methods
(e.g. new answer set generation methods, intelligent grounding or
related heuristics) and innovative applications (e.g. information
extraction, agent technology,dynamic systems). In particular
applications showing that ASP scales up or is competing with
special-purpose techniques are welcome.

* Relevant topics include the following (but are not limited to): 
	- Foundations of ASP
	- Systems of ASP
	- Algorithms and heuristics
	- Language extensions (aggregates, preferences , etc.) 
	- Integrated approaches (description logic, constraints, etc.) 
	- ASP methodology (modularization, debugging etc.) 
	- Planning in ASP
	- Knowledge representation in ASP
	- Innovative applications (bioinformatics, linguistics,  etc.) 

* Submission Details:
We are expecting full papers to describe original, previously
unpublished research, be written in English, and not be simultaneously
submitted for publication elsewhere (previous publication of partial
results at workshops with informal proceedings is allowed).

Papers should be formatted according to the Instructions for AMAI
submissions and should be between 20 and 40 pages long.

Please submit a  PDF file of your paper  by the 1st of December2005 at
http://cig.in.tu-clausthal.de/ASP06/ (click on Submissions: you can
enter your paper into the easychair system provided by Andrei Voronkov).

* Important Dates:
Submission Deadline: December 1, 2005 
Author Notification: February 1, 2006 
Final Paper Deadline: April 1, 2006 
Special Issue: Fall 2006 

* About the special issue editors:
Gerhard Brewka is Professor for Intelligent Systems at Leipzig
University (Germany) since 1996. Before that he was Professor for
Knowledge-Based Systems at Technical University of Vienna. He is
director of the Leipzig doctoral programme in Knowledge Representation.
His research interests include knowledge representation, nonmonotonic
reasoning, inconsistency handling, preference models and logic

Juergen Dix is Professor for Computational Intelligence at Clausthal
University of Technology (Germany) (http://cig.in.tu-clausthal.de/). He
is also member of the CS Department at the Technical University of
Vienna, and honorary member at The University of Manchester, where he
lived from 2000-2003. Since 1989 he is working in several areas of
Computational Logic (nonmonotonic reasoning, logic programming,
deductive databases, knowledge representation) and, in the past 7 years,
also in Multi-Agent Reasoning.

* About the journal:
Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence (AMAI) is devoted to
reporting significant contributions on the interaction of mathematical
and computational techniques reflecting the evolving disciplines of
artificial intelligence:

Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence publishes edited
volumes of original manuscripts, survey articles, monographs and well
refereed conference proceedings of the highest caliber within this
increasingly important field. All papers will be subject to the peer
reviewing process with at least two referees per paper.

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