[DL] RacerPro 1.8 available

Ralf Möller r.f.moeller at tu-harburg.de
Wed Jun 8 17:50:07 CEST 2005

Dear colleagues,

It took quite a long time to release a new version of Racer (about two 
years actually);
so probably it is appropriate to send this message to this group.

This is to inform you that RacerPro 1.8 is now available.


- RacerPro is a server program for which various APIs are available.
    + Descripion logic: SHIQ(Dn)- (TBoxes and ABoxes WITHOUT UNA)
    + nRQL query and rule language
       plus qualified cardinality restrictions as an extension
       plus support for datatype properties in nRQL (with number 
restrictions on datatype properties)
       plus support for annotation properties in nRQL (fast access, used 
to store data in DL systems)
    + RacerPro can directly download RDF and OWL-DL files from the web
           (Restrictions: nominals are approximated with concepts,
                 datatypes cannot  be specified in external XML Schema 

- RacerPorter is the (remote) graphical user interface for RacerPro
    + Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
    + Just drop a knowledge base file onto the RacerPro icon to load it 
into Racer
    + Command shell with command completion etc. for effectively 
interacting with a RacerPro server.
    + TBox and Abox graph display, interactive composition of simple 
TBox and ABox queries
    + Dialog for inspecting the queries processed by a server
    + Dialog for managing rules used by the server

- RacerPlus will be available soon. It includes RacerPorter directly 
within the server program
   (much faster because there is no communication overhead). 
Furthermore, RacerPlus contains
   an integrated (emacs-based) editor for developing knowledge bases and 
process them with a single key-press.

- RacerMaster will be available soon. It includes a Common Lisp 
compiler and development environment
   as well as RacerPro in the appropriate object code (fasl) format. 
This lets you develop your own programs using the
   Common Lisp language with minimum effort.

- RacerOWL-QL is a web service interface for a large OWL-QL fragment. 
This module is in preparation.

Please check http://www.racer-systems.com for details about downloading 
and obtaining a license.

- RacerPro, RacerPorter, RacerPlus, and RacerMaster can be licensed by 
companies as well as
   universities or research institutions (desktop, network, and site 

- RacerPro and RacerPorter are freely available as a desktop version
   for educational and research purposes.

Have fun,


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