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                                 1st CALL FOR PAPERS

                                     ICCS 2005

            13th International Conference on Conceptual Structures:
                       Common Semantics for Sharing Knowledge

                         July 18 - 22, 2005, Kassel, Germany

* Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline: January 10, 2005
Paper Submission Deadline: January 17, 2005
Workshop Proposal Submission Deadline: February 7, 2005
Paper author notifications:  March 3, 2005
Camera-Ready Copy Deadline: April 18, 2005

* Aims and Scope

The International Conferences on Conceptual Structures (ICCS) has been
held annually in Europe, Australia, and North America since 1993. The
central focus is the formal representation and analysis of conceptual
knowledge with research and business applications focusing on
artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, and related areas
of computer science.

Historically, a group of researchers working on the theory and
applications of Conceptual Graphs founded the ICCS. Over the years,
they have broadened the scope to include a wider range of theories,
among them Formal Concept Analysis, Description Logics, Semantic Web,
Ontologies, and related techniques.

Papers for ICCS 2005 are invited on the following topics: conceptual
structures (theory, applications, and experience with case studies);
their interplay with language, semantics and pragmatics; formal
methods for concept analysis and contextual logic, modeling,
representation, and visualization of concepts; conceptual knowledge
acquisition; and the theory and applications of formal
ontologies. Comparisons of methods and representations on the basis of
reasoning ability, expressiveness, ease of use, and computational
performance are welcome. Integration of methodologies, user
interfaces, semantic web technologies, knowledge use, reuse, and
integration, and business product tools descriptions are all of high

The conference will focus on the use of conceptual structures
 in formalizing and processing semantical content
of ontologies, in particular in relation with the semantic web
technologies.  Papers on the ICCS 2005 theme of "Common Semantics for
Sharing Knowledge" are particularly encouraged.

Of special interest is the question to which extent formal
representations of conceptual structures can support human
communication and knowledge creation. Papers which discuss such
research or applications in the area of bringing together Formal
Concept Analysis and Contextual Logic, Conceptual Graphs, formal
ontologies within the Semantic Web or other areas are strongly
encouraged, as well as papers linking conceptual structures to other
fields or applications.

Authors are invited to submit papers describing both theoretical and
practical research. Papers accepted or under review by other
conferences or journals are not acceptable as submissions to ICCS. The
language of the conference will be English.

* Authors' Information

Papers are limited to 14 pages in Springer's format. We strongly
recommend the use of LaTeX2e for the final version. For more details
see <http://www.springeronline.com/lncs>.

Position papers (2 pages) are also welcome.

For all papers, a one page abstract in PostScript or PDF format must
be received by Monday January 10, 2005.
Abstracts should clearly state the purpose, results and conclusions
of the work to be described in the final paper.

The electronic submission of the full paper in Postscript or PDF
format must be received on or before Monday January 17, 2005.
Submit your abstract and your paper via email to the program chairs at
<iccs05-submissions at cs.uni-kassel.de> with ICCS2005 in the subject
line. Please include your name and your full address. In case you have
problems with electronic submission, contact Gerd Stumme as early as
possible. An address is given below.

Final acceptance will be based on the full-length paper, which if
accepted, must be presented at the conference. Papers accepted for
publication will appear in the Lecture Notes in Artificial
Intelligence Series by Springer-Verlag (see
<http://www.springeronline.com/lncs>). Position papers and papers
which are not included in the LNAI volume, but are of sufficient
quality and interest to the community, will be published in
supplementary proceedings. A precondition for publication (for all
papers) is that the final version is in full compliance with
Springer's format.

* Call for Workshop Proposals

Workshop proposals for ICCS 2005 are invited on any of the areas of
interest to the Conceptual Structures community, including specialized
sub-areas.  Previous workshops have included CG tools, PORT Pragmatic
Web and Concept lattice-based Knowledge Discovery. The deadline for
submission of workshop proposals to the program chairs at
<iccs05-submissions at cs.uni-kassel.de> is February 7, 2005.

* Conference Chairs and Editorial Board

General Chair:  Gerd Stumme (University of Kassel, Germany)
Program Chairs:  Frithjof Dau (Darmstadt Technical University, Germany)
                 Marie-Laure Mugnier (LIRMM, France)

Editorial Board:
Galia Angelova (Bulgaria)
Michel Chein (France)
Aldo de Moor (Netherlands)
Harry Delugach (USA)
Peter Eklund (Australia)
Bernhard Ganter (Germany)
Mary Keeler (USA)
Sergei Kuznetsov (Russia)
Wilfried Lex (Germany)
Guy Mineau (Canada)
Bernard Moulin (Canada)
Heather D. Pfeiffer (USA)
Uta Priss (UK)
John Sowa (USA)
Rudolf Wille (Germany)
Karl-Erich Wolff (Germany)

* Further Information

This call for papers and the latest information regarding the
conference can be found on the World Wide Web at:

-- Gerd Stumme
Chair of Knowledge & Data Engineering
Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
University of Kassel
Tel. ++49 561/804-6251   Fax ++49 561/804-6259

Gerd Stumme, Chair of Knowledge & Data Engineering,
Department of Mathematics & Computer Science,
University of Kassel 0561/804-6251, Fax: -6259

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