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Workshop on Core Ontologies in Ontology Engineering
8th October 2004
Whittlebury Hall, Northamptonshire, UK

(Un)Successful cases and best practices for ontology engineering:
  reusing well-founded ontologies for domain content specification.

Held in conjunction with EKAW 2004

Research on ontological engineering should focus on the content of 
information, besides the tools and languages in terms of which 
information is represented. As a matter of fact, languages and tools 
enable the specification of ontologies, help in verifying their 
logical correctness, and endorse their suitability for information 
exchange. However, the ontologies themselves might provide no or 
little, or just informal explanation of their content.

Until now, two schools of thought have confronted concerning ontology content.
The first one claims that content is so much bound to context that 
efforts to define widely reusable ontological components are mostly 
useless: ontologies should be built based on agreement within 
communities of practice, or by good ol' craftmanship. The other one 
claims the contrary: widely reusable components can be built, based 
on linguistic usage, following standard initiatives, or based on 
domain-independent principles derived from theoretical domains such 
as philosophy or the cognitive sciences.
We have good and bad examples of those approaches, but all of them 
are supposed to be applied in order to create a representation of the 
content of some domain, and in doing that a "core" ontology is often 
built to catch the central concepts and relations of the domain.

Instead of trying "yet another" meeting among proposers of top 
ontologies, the workshop looks for contributions that describe 
successful (or reasons for failure of) efforts to build core 
ontologies, possibly providing the principles of "well-foundedness" 
(or the reasons for their lack) for the ontologies.

- Paper Submission Deadline 15th July 2004
- Notification of Acceptance 29th July 2004 (depending on the number 
of submissions)
- Camera-ready Copy Deadline 25th August 2004
- Workshop 8th October 2004

A full paper (not to exceed 8 pages), including title, author's 
name(s), affiliation, mailing address, telephone, fax and e-mail of 
the principal authors should reach the Organizing Committee on or 
before July 15, 2004. Papers will be accepted by electronic 
submission only (PDF format). Although not required for the initial 
submission, we recommend to follow the LNCS format guidelines for 
Proceedings will be distributed at the workshop and published online 
At least one author of each accepted paper is expected to register 
and present the paper at the workshop.
Submitted papers will be fully refereed based on the significance 
with respect to the workshop topics as well as on the technical 
relevance. Submissions must be sent to both of the following 
addresses (please, substitute "@" for "_at_"):

Stefano Borgo
LOA - Laboratory for Applied Ontology
Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technology (CNR), Trento, Italy

Aldo Gangemi (contact person)
LOA - Laboratory for Applied Ontology
Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technology (CNR), Rome, Italy

Hans Akkermans, VUA, Amsterdam
John Bateman, U. of Hamburg
Brandon Bennett, U. of Leeds
Joost Breuker, UVA, Amsterdam
Oscar Corcho, UPM Madrid and ISOCO, Madrid
Michael Gruninger, U. of Maryland and NIST
Enrico Motta, KMI, Open U., Milton Keynes
Natasha Noy, Stanford U.
Sofia Pinto, U. of Lisboa
Alan Rector, U. of Manchester
Guus Schreiber, VUA, Amsterdam
Steffen Staab, U. of Karlsruhe
Laure Vieu, IRIT, Toulouse and ISTC-CNR, Trento
Krisztof Wecel, U. of Poznan
Chris Welty, Watson RC, IBM, US

Further information at the workshop webpage:

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