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Raphael Volz rvo at aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de
Mon Apr 26 16:27:21 CEST 2004

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                      Panel Discussion

                Will the Semantic Web scale?

               13th World Wide Web Conference
                     NYC, May 19, 2004 
			  11:00 - 12:30 A.M.



Scalability may not be the latest fad or sexy issue, but its 
importance in practice will finally determine whether 
the Semantic Web is a mirage. 

Discuss whether the Semantic Web will scale with leading experts in the

	- Cathy Marshall (Texas A+M University / Microsoft Research)
	- Jürgen Angele (University of Innsbruck / Ontoprise GmbH)
	- Alon Halevy (University of Seattle / Nimble Technologies)
	- Ian Horrocks (University of Manchester / Network Inference)

The panel will take place at WWW 2004, right after Tim Berners-Lee's
opening ceremony.

We encourage your participation ONLINE and onsite. You can pose
questions at http://debate.semanticweb.org and we will pick some of the
questions issued online 
for the discussion.

You can ask questions about all aspects related to scalability. All
panelists have a strong
theoretical background, have implementation experience and are aware of
pragmatic issues ! 

We are looking forward to a great and highly controversial discussion !

Visit http://debate.semanticweb.org today to learn more about the panel

Best regards,

Carole Goble, Rudi Studer, Raphael Volz, Daniel Oberle
Panel Organizers 

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