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               5th International Conference on 
 Practical Aspects of Knowledge Management
        2.-3. December 2004, Vienna, Austria
                     CALL FOR PAPERS

To succed in a world characterisied by the accelerating pace of the "internet age", organisations must efficiently leverage their most valuable and underleveraged resource: the intellectual capital of their highly educated, skilled, and experienced employees. The compression of communication cycles and the omnipresence of information forces enterprises to seek a faster return on knowledge - knowledge that ages rapidly in a market place brimming with innovation. 
PAKM2004 addresses all aspects of Knowledge Management and their role in next-generation business solutions. We seek original contributions in the triangle of business and organization sciences, cognitive science, and computer science that represent a true advancement beyond the state-of-the-art of Knowledge Management:
  a.. Building and maintaining knowledge inventories
  - knowledge directories
  - automatic creation of semantic annotations
  - skill management
  b.. Collaboration and knowledge sharing
  - social and cultural aspects of knowledge sharing communities
  - collaboration platforms
  - integration of processes across organizational boundaries
  c.. Capturing and securing knowledge
  - knowledge capturing within business processes
  - lessons learned and debriefing
  - organizational memories
  d.. Knowledge utilization 
  - content-oriented search through ontology-based sematic annotations
  - integration of knowledge and business processes
  - graphical user interfaces for retrieving and visualizing knowledge
  e.. Developing new knowledge
  - innovation management
  - ontology learning and development
  - knowledge mining (from data, text and the Web)
  f.. Measurement
  - measuring the benefits of knowledge management solutions
  - benchmarking
  - intellectual capital 
Important Dates: 
- Submission of papers by August, 2, 2004 
- Acceptance notices mailed by September, 20, 2004 
- Final, camera-ready papers due by October, 25, 2004

Conference Chairs:
Prof. Dimitris Karagiannis, University of Vienna, Austria
Dr. Ulrich Reimer, Business Operations Systems, Switzerland

Program Committee:
Kemal A. Delic, Hewlett-Packard, France
Prof. Joaquim Filipe, Escola Superior de Tecnologia Setubal, Portugal
Naoki Fukuta, Shizuoka University, Japan
Prof. Norbert Gronau, University of Oldenburg, Germany
Prof. Ulrich Geske, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft FIRST, Germany
Prof. Kurt Hinkelmann, FH Solothurn Nordwestschweiz, Switzerland
Prof. Hans Hinterhuber, University of Innsbruck, Austria 
Prof. Achim Hoffmann, University of New South Wales, Australia
Dr. Manfred Jeusfeld, University of Tilburg, Netherlands
Dr. Byeong Ho Kang, University of Tasmania, Tasmania
Edith Denman-Maier, Donau University Krems, Austria
Prof. Frank Maurer, University of Calgary, Canada
Prof. Hermann Maurer, Technical University of Graz, Austria
Prof. Katharina Morik, University of Dortmund, Germany
Prof. Nicos Mylonopoulos, ALBA, Greece 
Debbie Richards, Macquarie University, Australia
Prof. Bodo Rieger, University of Osnabrueck, Germany
Dr. Isabel Seruca, Universidade Protucaleuse, Portugal
Prof. Stefen Staab, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Prof. Rudi Studer, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Dr. Ulrich Thiel, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Germany
Prof. Klaus Tochtermann, I-Know Center Graz, Austria
Prof. Erich Tsui, Computer Sciences Corporation, Australia
Fritjof Weber, University of Bremen, Germany
Dr. Rosina Weber, Drexel University, USA
Takahira Yamaguchi, Shizuoka University, Japan

Contact and Further Information:
Prof. Dr. Dimitris Karagiannis
Elena-Teodora Miron
University of Vienna
Institute for Computer Science and Business Informatics 
Department of Knowledge Engineering 
Brünner Str. 72
1210 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43-(0)1-4277-38481
Fax: +43-(0)1-4277-38484
E-Mail: pakm2004 at dke.univie.ac.at

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