[DL] Book announcement: Infinite Words by Perrin and Pin

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Dear colleagues,

Please circulate to any interested person. Please accept our 
apologies if you receive multiple copies of this annoucement.

Book announcement:

Dominique Perrin et Jean-Eric Pin, Infinite Words, (Automata, 
Semigroups,Logic and Games), Pure and Applied Mathematics Vol 141, 
Elsevier 2004, ISBN 0-12-532111-2.

The book can be ordered directly at 

Contents :

Chapter 1. Automata and infinite words
Chapter 2. Automata and semigroups
Chapter 3. Topology
Chapter 4. Games and strategies
Chapter 5. Wagner hierarchy
Chapter 6. Varieties
Chapter 7. Local properties
Chapter 8. An excursion into Logic
Chapter 9. Biinfinite words
Chapter 10. Infinite trees
Appendix A. Finite semigroups
Appendix B. Varieties of finite semigroups
Bibliography and Index

Best regards,

Dominique Perrin
Jean-Eric Pin
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