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Thu Sep 11 19:21:28 CEST 2003

     !!! DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: Monday, September 15 !!!

                 Last Call for Participation

                     NANCY INFERENCE WEEK

               Method for Modalities 3 (M4M-3)
                 Description Logic Day (DLD)
        Inference in Computational Semantics 4 (ICoS-4)

             LORIA, Nancy, France, 22-26 September 2003


The first Nancy Inference Week (NIW) will take place at LORIA, Nancy,
France, during the week of the 22-26 of September, 2003.

Nancy Inference Week will consist of the following events:

  o Method for Modalities 3 (M4M-3): September 22-23. 
  o Description Logic Day (DLD): September 24. 
  o Inference in Computational Semantics 4 (ICoS-4): September 25-26. 

These three events are separate, but are linked by the common theme of
inference. M4M is a workshop devoted to inference techniques for modal
logic and their applications. DLD is a one day workshop which
introduces Description Logic, an important formalism for
representation and inference in Artificial Intelligence. ICoS is a
workshop on applying inference techniques to the semantics for natural
language (in a computational setting).

The Nancy Inference Week webpage at


has pointers to the websites for all three events.  You can register
for any of the NIW events by filling in the registration form you will
find there.

The deadline for registration for Nancy Inference Week is:

                    15 September 2003

No registration will be possible after this date. In particular, you
won't be able to register on the days of the workshop ("on-the-spot"
registrations are not possible).


M4M: Methods for Modalities                         www.science.uva.nl/~m4m

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