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Mon Jul 7 22:46:14 CEST 2003

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			Call for Papers

	Semantic Web Technologies for Searching and Retrieving
			Scientific Data
		Monday, October 20, 2003
	Sundial Resort, Sanibel Island, Florida, USA


	A workshop in conjunction with The Second International
		Semantic Web Conference

	Submission of papers: July 18, 2003
	Notification of acceptance: August 22, 2003
	Submission of camera-ready version: September 19, 2003
	Workshop: October 20, 2003

This one-day workshop aims at exploring the Semantic-Web requirements
for scientific communities. The particular focus is on methods for 
search and retrieval of scientific data that match the needs of domain 
scientists. In most scientific disciplines today, such as earth sciences, 
bio-informatics, environmental science, physical sciences, medical 
informatics and others, scientists access a number of online sources 
that provide information and services in that domain. Currently 
available methods and capabilities for searching, locating, retrieving, 
querying, and integrating scientific data from multiple online sources 
are inadequate for scientists who still use collections of stand-alone 
sources. There are several efforts in progress on applying semantic web 
technology for data retrieval in scientific domains such as integrating 
Geospatial data, integrating bio-informatics sources and services, 
integration of GeoSciences data, Earth Science information sources and 
also Medical Informatics data sources, which are all based on tailoring 
upcoming Semantic Web technologies to science data search and retrieval.
The objective of this workshop is to gain new insights into the 
information search and retrieval needs of scientists and the applicability
of semantic web technology to this task by reviewing efforts in progress 
as well as new perspectives on building semantic web-based approaches for 
scientific communities. We welcome submissions that describe a vision or 
work in progress on building a semantic web for a particular science 

Topics of Interest 
(Include but are not limited to)

 - Types of search and retrieval requests typical for 
   science data users. 
 - Iterative search scenarios typical for a scientists 
   search profile.
 - Specifications of properties of scientific data sets 
   relevant for successful search, inference, and retrieval. 
 - Granularities of ontologies for scientific data. 
 - Specifications of search purpose and search result within 
   the setting of scientific investigations.
 - Ontological differences about fundamental concepts that 
   are present across different scientific domains, such as 
   space, time, and processes. 
 - Experience reports with using state-of-the-art technologies 
   for developing building blocks such as "wrappers" or 
   interfaces to science information sources. 
 - Application or development of semantics-based search, query, 
   and retrieval agents and softbots.
 - Connections between ontologies for scientific and generic 
   use, over the same domains. 
 - Semantic web technologies aiding interdisciplinary science 
 - Data quality, pedigree and provenance issues. 
 - Scientific workflows and applicability of Web services 
   to workflows.

Paper Submission

We invite submissions of short papers  in the area of  
Semantic-Web-based search and retrieval of scientific 
data. Papers are solicited in the following categories:

- Experience papers (upto 6 pages) describing completed
  work or work in progress.
- Position papers (upto 3 pages) articulating a new problem, 
  approach, vision, or position.
Authors should submit a PDF file of their paper 
to scisw2003 at email.arc.nasa.gov

Organizing Committee 
Naveen Ashish 
USRA RIACS, NASA Ames Research Center, USA
ashish at email.arc.nasa.gov
Max Egenhofer 
University of Maine, USA
max at sparial.maine.edu
Carole Goble 
University of Manchester, UK
carole.goble at cs.man.ac.uk

Program Committee
Terence Critchlow, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 
Isabel Cruz, University of Illinois at Chicago 
Susan Davidson, University of Pennsylvania  
Natasha Fridman Noy, Stanford University School of Medicine 
Kathleen Hornsby, University of Maine 
Vipul Kashyap, National Library of Medicine 
Bertram Ludäscher, San Diego Supercomputer Center 
Brian McBride, HP Laboratories 
Dennis McLeod, University of Southern California 
Eric Miller, W3C World Wide Web Consortium 
Amit Sheth, University of Georgia 

For questions or comments, please send email to scisw2003 at email.arc.nasa.gov   

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