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                 *** FIRST CALL FOR PAPERS ***

                      Fourth workshop on



                Nancy, France, 25-26 September 2003


                (Submission deadline: 30 June 2003)

Traditional inference tools (such as theorem provers and model
builders) are reaching new levels of sophistication and are now widely
and easily available. A wide variety of new tools (statistical and
probabilistic methods, ideas from the machine learning community) are
likely to be increasingly applied in computational semantics. Most
importantly of all, computational semantics seems to have reached the
stage where the exploration and development of inference is one of its
most pressing tasks - and there's a lot of interesting new work which
takes inferential issues seriously.

ICoS-4 is intended to bring together researchers from areas such as
Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science,
and Logic, in order to discuss approaches and applications of
Inference in natural language semantics.

ICoS-4 will take place in Nancy, France, on 25-26 September 2003.  It
will be part of a special Nancy Inference Week: on the day before
ICoS-4 (24 September) there will be a one day school on Description
Logic and its applications in linguistics, and on the two days
preceding that (22-23 September 2003) the third Method for Modalities
(M4M-3) will be held.

ICoS-4 is endorsed by SIGSEM, the Association for Computational
Linguistics (ACL) Special Interest Group (SIG) on computational

     Submission Deadline: June 30, 2003. 
     Notification: August 8, 2003. 
     Final Versions: September 8, 2003. 

We anticipate having three invited talks at ICoS-4.  The speakers will
be announced shortly.

     James Allen
     Carlos Areces
     Peter Baumgartner                    
     Patrick Blackburn (co-chair) 
     Johan Bos (co-chair)
     Harry Bunt
     Anne Copestake                      
     Dick Crouch 
     Kees van Deemter
     Helen Gaylard                       
     Nissim Francez
     Shalom Lappin
     Alexander Koller 
     Jeff Pelletier                       
     Ian Pratt-Hartmann 
     Maarten de Rijke
     Michael Schiehlen                    
     Matthew Stone

We invite two kinds of submission:

 - Research papers on inference methods in computational semantics as well
   as their applications (10 pages). 
 - System descriptions (6 pages) focusing on actual implementations and
   explaining system architecture issues and specific implementation
   techniques. The systems described will be demonstrated at ICoS-4.

Submission deadline: June 30, 2003.  

Notification: August 8, 2003.

Submission is by email. Either Postscript or PDF files can be sent to:

    icos4 at aplog.org

Authors are advised to prepare their contributions in LaTeX using the
style file which can be found at:


The workshop proceedings (which will be distributed at the conference)
will be produced using these style files.

As well as the workshop proceedings, we plan to publish a selection of
accepted papers as a special journal issue.

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