[DL] Call for Participation: ICFCA03

J. Hereth hereth at mathematik.tu-darmstadt.de
Mon Feb 10 17:25:58 CET 2003

   Call for Participation 

   The fz°bw - Research Center on Conceptual Knowledge Processing
			    invites to the

      First International Conference on Formal Concept Analysis:
			 The State of the Art

		  Darmstadt University of Technology

		   February 27th -- March 1st 2003

Formal  Concept  Analysis  arose   around  1980  out  of  attempts  of
restructuring lattice  theory to promote  better communication between
lattice theorists  and potential users  of lattice theory.  Since then
Formal Concept Analysis has been  increasingly developed as a field of
research  stimulated  by  a  broad  spectrum  of  applications.  Today
researchers  from all  over  the world  contribute  to Formal  Concept
Analysis   and   apply  methods   and   results   of  Formal   Concept
Analysis. Therefore  it is time for a  firrst international conference
on  Formal Concept  Analysis on  which the  state of  the art  of this
promising field of research and application can be presented.

Invited speakers: 
* Robert Brandom (Philosophy; Pittsburgh/Stanford, USA) 
* Claudio Carpineto (Information Retrieval; Rom, Italy) 
* Vincent Duquenne (Data Analysis; Paris, France) 
* Peter Eklund (Information Technology; Brisbane, Australia) 
* Bernhard Ganter (Mathematics/Computer Science; Dresden, Germany) 
* Robert Godin (Computer Science; Montreal, Canada) 
* Sergei Kuznetsov (Mathematics; Moscow, Russia) 
* Lotfi  Lakhal (Computer Science; Aix-en-Provence, France) 
* Uta Priss (Information Science; Edinburgh, Scotland) 
* Gregor Snelting (Computer Science; Passau, Germany) 
* Gerd Stumme (Applied Computer Science; Karlsruhe, Germany) 
* Rudolf Wille (Mathematics/Philosophy; Darmstadt, Germany) 
* Karl Erich Wolff  (Mathematics; Darmstadt, Germany)

Participation: Fees  are 50 EUR  (10 EUR for  students). Applications
should be  sent to Julia  Klinger <icfca03 at mathematik.tu-darmstadt.de>
by Thursday, 20 February 2003.

Further  Information:  The  conference  announcement is  available  at
http://fzbw.de/icfca03/Herunterladen.html The  conference is organized
by the  fz°bw - Forschungszentrum  fuer Begrffiche Wissensverarbeitung
(Research Center on Conceptual  Knowledge Processing) and supported by
DFG - Deutsche  Forschungsgemeinschaft, the ErnstSchroederZentrum, and
navicon GmbH (Frankfurt am Main, Germany).

J. Hereth Correia <hereth at mathematik.tu-darmstadt.de>
Darmstadt University of Technology, Department of Mathematics

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