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George Angelos Papadopoulos george at cs.ucy.ac.cy
Mon Jan 20 10:47:24 CET 2003


The University of Cyprus   announces the following tenure track  posts
(Assistant Professor or Lecturer):


1 post in the field of Computer Networks

1 post in the field of Database Systems

1 post in the following fields of study:

* Agents and Artificial Intelligence	* Cooperative Information Systems
* Distributed Systems			* Human-Computer Interaction
* Programming Languages			* Theoretical Computer Science

For all   academic ranks, a   Ph.D. from  a  recognized  University is

PLEASE NOTE:  The languages of instruction  are Greek and Turkish. For
the above mentioned posts, knowledge of Greek is necessary.

Applicants need not be citizens of the Republic of Cyprus.

The annual  gross salaries for  these  positions (including  the  13th
salary) are:

Assistant Professor	(Scale A13-A14)		CY23,587 - CY31,816
Lecturer         	(Scale A12-A13)		CY19,919 - CY29,175

(At present 1 CY = 1.7401 sterling and 1 CY = 1.7865 dollars.)

Interested  individuals must submit  the  following items by  Thursday
17th of April 2003:

I     A letter stating the department, the academic rank or ranks for
      which the applicant is interested in, the field or fields of
      study and the date when he/she may be able to assume duties in
      the event of selection.

II    A Curriculum Vitae (6 copies).

III   A brief summary of previous work and a statement of plans for
      future research (up to 1500 words - 6 copies).

IV   A list of publications (6 copies).

V    Copies pf the three most representative publications (6 copies).

VI   Copies of degree certificates.

In addition, the  applicants must request  three academic referees  to
send letters of recommendation directly  to the University; the  names
and   addresses  of these   referees    must  be  submitted with   the
application.  Additional confidential  information may be sought.  The
letters of recommendation  must  reach the  University by  the 17th of
April, 2003.

The Curriculum Vitae and the brief summary of the research work should
be  written  in Greek  and  in one  international language, preferably

Applications, other  documents and reference  letters submitted in the
past will NOT be considered and must be re-submitted.

Applications that are incomplete will not be considered.

The above must be  delivered to the University  by 2 pm, Thursday 17th
of April 2003 at the following address:

The Registrar
University of Cyprus
P O Box 20537
CY-1678 Nicosia

Tel:  +357-22-892054
Fax:  +357-22-892005

For  more details  and  other information  interested individuals  may
contact  the Head  of the  Department of  Computer  Science, Associate
Professor Antonis Kakas:

Tel:    +357-22-892231
Fax:    +357-22-339062
E-mail: antonis at cs.ucy.ac.cy

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