[DL] Metaclasses and DL

[IDM] Olivier Dameron olivier.dameron at chu-rennes.fr
Fri Jan 10 17:12:41 CET 2003

On Friday 10 January 2003 15:19, Christel Kemke wrote:
> Secondly, since there is no distinction between concepts and
> individuals, and if I allow I(C)=C, where C is the name of a concept as
> well as of an individual, this also should allow I(I(C)) and so forth,

I think I(C)=C is a particular case, for which we do fall into a loop indeed, 
but I can't think of any "real" example for C (a concept that is an instance 
of itself).

As for me, I had in mind
I(C) = D   \and I(D) = anIndividual

> i.e. (unlimited, infinite) recursion. In response to Baader's comment: I
> don't see how the interpretation function (if one and the same function
> is used) could figure out whether a C is supposed to be treated as a
> concept or as an individual

Intermediate-level metaclasses should be treated both as concept and as 
...Or is it more complex ?


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