[DL] Metaclasses and DL

[IDM] Olivier Dameron olivier.dameron at chu-rennes.fr
Wed Jan 8 17:09:21 CET 2003

Dear list members,
   In the papers on description logics that I have read so far, the fact that 
the domain and the range of the interpretation function "I" are disjoint 
seems supposed.
   However, what hapens if they are not ? Let's call D the domain and R the 
1. D\R would be the "top level" metaclasses
2. D inter R would be intermediate level metaclasses (since they are elements 
of D, they are classes; since they are also elements of R, they are instances 
of class(es)).
3. R\D would be the set of "terminal" or "real" individuals

   Does this makes sense to you ?
   If so, don't we risk to fall into a recursive loop ?

Best regards,
Olivier Dameron

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