The ORE 2014 data set contains overall 16 555 unique ontologies. The set comprises

The ontologies in the data set are binned by profiles. For the competition, the EL profile bin (8 805 ontologies) and the pure DL bin (7 704 DL ontologies that do not fall into one of the profiles) were used. Two further bins are obtained from these two bins by considering only the ontologies with an ABox (DL 2 439, EL 1 941 ontologies). The latter two are used for the realisation discipline, whereas the former ones are used for the classification and consistency checking disciplines.

Within these bins, the ontologies are further categorised by size (very small, small, medium, large, very large). A file list is then created by iterating over these categories (skipping categories that are already fully covered). From these file lists, the first X are used for the competition, where X is chosen such that most reasoners are able to finish within the time limit of the competition (7 hours for classification and realisation, 3 hours for consistency checking). For classification X is 250 (OWL DL) and 300 (OWL EL), for consistency checking and realisation X is 200 (OWL DL) and 250 (OWL EL).

The whole data set is available for download at http://zenodo.org/record/10791 and more details about the corpus can be found at http://mowlrepo.cs.manchester.ac.uk/datasets/ore-2014/.