Papers presented at DL'97

Title Authors
Conjunctive Query Containment in Description Logics with n-ary Relations Calvanese, De Giacomo, Lenzerini
Use of DL for shallow information analysis for texts Capponi
Description Logic-baqsed Framrwork for Planning with Sensing Actions De Giacomo, Iocchi, Nardi, Rosati
A Description Logic for reasoning with behavioural knowledge Compatengelo, Donini, Rumolo
Sofware Asset Classification and Retrieval with DL: the Intelligent Reuse Assistant Franconi
Inspecting Concepts Graphically with Zoomable Lenses Ng, Goble,West
Spatioterminological Reasoning: Subsumption Based on Geometrical Inferences Haarslev, Moeller
Characterizing the semantics of terminological cycles with the help of finite automata Kuesters
Action Hierarchies in Description Logics Liebig,Roesner
Defined Topological Relations in Description Logics Lutz,Moeller
Classification and Case-Based Reasoning Napoli, Lieber,Simon
Usability Issues in DL Systems McGuinness,Patel-Schneider
Preliminary Investigations into Interactive Classification in DL Patel-Schneider
Classifying Description Logics Kurtonina,De Rijke
Interpretation of DL for Natural Language and for Databases De Beuvron, Rousselot,Rudloff
Study and Formalization of a Case-Based Reasoning System with a Description Logic Salotti,Ventos
Optimization aspects in applied DL Bergmann
Least Common Subsumption as a connective Ventos,Brezellec
Applying DL in Automatic Dialogue Interpreting Kuessner
Incremental Individual Reasoning in ProtoDL Borgida
Description Logics with Transitive Roles Horrocks,Gough
Dwebic: An Intelligent Search Engine based on Default Description Logics Lambrix, Shamehri,Wahllof
How far is an Object Model from DL Kapetanios, Norrie, Wuergler
Using a DL to Drive Query Interfaces Bechhofer,Goble
Classification Rules for Semi-Structured Data Michaeli,Nutt, Sagiv
Object Persistency, View Maintenance and Query Optimization in OSIRIS, a DL-like OODBMS Simonet
Discovering description logic assertions from database schemes Bonifati, Palopoli, Sacca, Ursino
Towards a Model Ontology for Grail Mihoubi, Simonet
Experiments with the DFL Hybrid System Balaban,Eyal
Description Logics with Aggregates and Concrete Domains Baader,Sattler
Role Hierarchies and Number Restrictions Ohlbach,Koelher
Unification of Concept Terms in Description Logics Baader,Narendran