Dresden Information

Dresden is the capital of the state of Saxony, located in eastern Germany. It is a world heritage site and major tourist destination, known for its classical buildings such as the Semperoper (Opera house), the Zwinger (Art Gallery), and the recently rebuilt Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady). The beautiful meadows along river Elbe start directly in the city center and extend towards the outskirts, where they are flanked by vineyards and the Elbe castles (the workshop dinner will be in one of them).

More information can be found in the Wikipedia entry on Dresden. You can watch a 4-minute video about Dresden provided by the International Center for Computational Logic ICCL. The weather in May is usually fine, with temperatures around 15-25 degrees celsius. However, be also prepared for a (hopefully) occasional rain shower. Dresden weather information is available at Yahoo Weather.

Impressions of Dresden

Dresden Tourism
A trip to Dresden should include a walk through the historic city center. Try to see at least the following, which are all within easy walking distance: For pubs, restaurants, and loads of Wilhelminian style buildings, visit the Neustadt quarter. From the city center (e.g. Hauptbahnhof), take tram line 7 to Albertplatz (~10 mins). You can then walk up Alaunstrasse to the north to enter Neustadt. The main streets with pubs and restaurants are Alaunstrasse and Louisenstrasse.

Dresden is also well-known for its beautiful surroundings. Here is just a sample:

See also the tourism website of City of Dresden.